DPF Cleaning Birmingham
We have had many years experience in customising vehicle software, including DPF removal.

What is a DPF?
Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a filter that retains the particulate matter (PM) from the exhaust gases and prevents them from being released into the atmosphere. That way the emissions from diesel vehicles are reduced. This is very important especially for better and healthy city life. DPFs are required to meet the European emission standards for less CO2 and improving air quality. That is why almost every car we drive today has this filter.

What is DPF Regeneration?
Over time, the Diesel Particulate Filter becomes full and clogged with soot. That is why it should be emptied of trapped particulate matter regularly. That process is called DPF Regeneration. It involves burning the particulate matter at a very high temperature. The Regeneration reduces the harmful car emissions and prevents from the tell-tale black smoke of accelerating diesel vehicles.

But one of the main problems when it comes to regeneration is that those high temperatures it needs are unbearable for modern diesel cars to reach. As a result, the process is not properly done and it can result in serious damage to the car.

Another big problem of DPF maintenance concerns trucks and agriculture tractors. Their engines run much more than cars’ ones. In a result, their DPFs get clogged much faster and they need to be changed. But the DPFs for trucks and tractors are extremely expensive… So, DPF removal is a better and more affordable option.

That is the reason why so many diesel vehicle owners choose to have their DPFs deactivated from the Engine Control Unit, rather than have it removed physically.

One solution we can offer to motorists is to have the DPF Removed and its functions disabled or deleted by modifying the software in the vehicles engine control unit (ECU). DPF Cleaning in Birmingham have been carrying out this service for a number of years with great success.

Great bunch of guys. Really clean and modern place really impressed. Workshop looks better than the Audi dealers and the prices are really sensible. Sam talked me through the whole process and kept me updated throughout the work. I was offered coffee and biscuits and relaxed in the waiting room while they fixed my dpf on my A3. Will be coming back again. Amran Rahman


We Currently Offer a Full DPF Cleaning Service on the following vehicle list:

Volvo DPF Cleaning – Volkswagen DPF Cleaning – Vauxhall DPF Cleaning – Toyota DPF Cleaning – Skoda DPF Cleaning – Seat DPF Cleaning – Saab DPF Cleaning – Rover DPF Cleaning – Renault DPF Cleaning – Audi DPF Cleaning – BMW & Mini DPF Cleaning – Alfa Romeo DPF Cleaning – Citroen DPF Cleaning – Chevrolet DPF Cleaning – Fiat DPF Cleaning – Mazda DPF Cleaning – Mercedes DPF Cleaning – Nissan  DPF Cleaning – Opel DPF Cleaning – Peugeot DPF Cleaning – Ford DPF Cleaning – Honda DPF Cleaning – Hyundai DPF Cleaning – Jaguar DPF Cleaning – Kia DPF Cleaning – Lancia DPF Cleaning

Birmingham Diagnostics – We cover the following areas – DPF Cleaning Birmingham, DPF Cleaning Wolverhampton, DPF Cleaning Coventry, DPF Cleaning West Bromwich, DPF Cleaning Walsall, DPF Cleaning Tamworth, DPF Cleaning Nuneaton, DPF Cleaning Solihull and all surrounding towns and villages.

So before replacing your engine parts, try our DPF Cleaning Service in Birmingham.